Saas growth case study for An 8.3% uplift in ARPU as a result of optimizing the registration flow


We redesigned the registration flow, aiming to increase the registration rate and number of users reaching the checkout stage and purchase. The optimized flow generated a 9.32% uplift in registration rate (CR) and 8.3% uplift in average revenue per user (ARPU)


Overview is one of the most popular stock photos websites that offers its users on-demand plans and subscription plans. Depositphotos sells licences worldwide and is localized on 25 languages. The site generates about 23 million visits per month (according to SimilarWeb).



We started the research by evaluating the quality of user flows and funnel performance.

New users were following this funnel to download an image:
1. search for the required image,
2. register an account to save the image,
3. choose a plan,
4. pay for the plan,
5. download the image.

Naturally, this funnel had traffic drop offs but the magnitude of drop offs varied significantly. We decided to concentrate on the second stage of the flow – registration – because we saw an opportunity there.

Users need to register an account in order to save and evaluate images found on the site. User polls have revealed that there is a disconnect between the “Download image” call-to-action on the image detail page and the offer to register an account after clicking this call-to-action. The subsequent offer to register an account on Depositphotos listed the benefits of an account. However, users were confused why they were offered to create an account when they clicked on “Download image”. This is a very eloquent quote from the user polls: “I don’t want an account, I just want to download this image”.

The other insight we derived from the user polls and confirmed by user tests was that the primary motivator for users to buy a plan was to download a single image or a small number of images discovered in the current session. This led us to the conclusion that the offer to register an account should be focused on a particular image that the user found and decided to download.

So we decided to focus the registration process on downloading one particular image and explain the necessity of creating an account as a natural step in downloading this image.


We hypothesized that we could increase the registration rate, and as a result the buy-to-detail rate, by better explaining the necessity of registering an account and focusing users’ attention on downloading one particular image as a primary motivator to register.



We created a variation of the registration pop-up where we offer a user to register in order to save the image instead of listing the benefits of creating an account as it was in the control variation. So instead of a generic list of benefits of creating an account, we introduced the image that a user wants to download in the registration pop-up and explained that they must register in order to save and download this image.


Control variation

control var dep


Alternative variation

alternative var dep


Validating the hypothesis

To validate this hypothesis, we conducted an experiment to measure the impact of the new registration pop-up on the registration CR and ARPU.

The experiment had the following characteristics:

Experiment type: A/B test

Traffic split: 50/50

Device: desktop

Key metric: ARPU

Secondary metrics: registration CR

Number of sessions included in the experiment: 801,039 sessions

Number of purchases of plans recorded during the experiment: 991 purchases


The alternative variation outperformed the control in all key metrics:

8.3% uplift in ARPU 9.32% uplift in registration CR

Key takeaways


1. There must be a strong logical connection between the steps of the conversion funnel.


2. Make sure you research and understand the key motivators for users to progress from one particular stage of the conversion funnel to the next.


3. Optimizing for microconversion (registration flow) can have a positive impact on macroconversion. This assertion doesn’t always hold true and must be tested.


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