81% CR growth as a result of landing page optimization services

Client goals

Leboutique.com is a clothes shopping club with over 4 million monthly visitors. Users sign up to receive special offers on clothing via email

Our goal was to increase conversion to registration on client’s main landing pages.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): conversion to sign up;
Funnel component: landing page (opt-in page);
Traffic sources: social, display, paid search;
Device targeting: desktop;
Traffic allocation: A / B (50% / 50%);


Research is the critical part of landing page optimization services as we need to get actual data on how to increase conversion rates instead of guessing or blindly following the best practices.

We started with visitor session recordings, online surveys, and finding data to indicate why visitors weren’t converting with click maps.

According to the click maps, 18.72% of users were clicking on product images. That was a strong indicator that product information was missing.

Hypothesis: to add popup that opens after clicking on a product image



+8.2% additional confirmed subscriptions (99% confidence level)

Then we asked users “What stops you from signing up?” to understand their rejections and concerns. This online survey had a 10-second time delay aiming to capture engaged users.

Here is the list of users’ objections according to 9,765 answers:

Hypothesis:to overcome price rejections by emphasizing lowest price in sale (“starting from $10”), discounts, and scarcity through using a countdown timer.


Control page:



Alternative page, v1:



-13% confirmed subscriptions

Conclusions: Price may be not a major barrier to sign up, so it would be better to test overcoming other rejections. Alternatively, tactics used in the experiment didn’t work in this case.

Hypothesis: to overcome rejection that users want to see more products before signing up.


Alternative page, v2:


Tactics: We showed a preview of the catalog on the background of the form and CTA “Look at 231 discounted sneakers”



+81% confirmed subscriptions
(99% confidence level)


The alternative version, together with a popup, increased conversion to subscription by 81% with a 99% confidence level.

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