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LeBoutique landing page optimization case study

Client goals is an apparel shopping club with 4+ million monthly visitors. Users sign up and receive e-mails about one-time clothing sales.

The goal was to increase the e-mail subscription rate.

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Key Performance Indicator (KPI): conversion to sign up;
Funnel component: landing page (opt-in page);
Traffic sources: social, display, paid search;
Device targeting: desktop;
Traffic allocation: A / B (50% / 50%);


We start with finding data why visitors aren’t converting with click maps, visitor sessions recordings and online-surveys.

According to click maps, 18.72% of users click on product images. That’s a strong indicator of lack of information about products.

Hypothesis: to add popup that opens after clicking on a product image



+8.2% additional confirmed subscriptions (99% confidence level)

Then we asked users “What stops you from signing up?” to understand their rejections and concerns. This online survey had a 10-second time delay targeting to capture engaged users.

Here is the list of users’ objections according to 9,765 answers:

Hypothesis:to overcome price rejections by emphasizing lowest price in sale (“starting from $10”), discounts, and scarcity through using a countdown timer.

Control page:



Alternative page, v1:



-13% confirmed subscriptions

Conclusions: Price may be not a major barrier to sign up, so it would be better to test overcoming other rejections. Alternatively, tactics used in the experiment didn’t work in this case.

Hypothesis: to overcome rejection that users want to see more products before signing up.

Alternative page, v2:


Tactics: We showed a preview of the catalog on the background of the form and CTA “Look at 231 discounted sneakers”


+81% confirmed subscriptions
(99% confidence level)


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