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Comodo case study: How to optimize a landing page that already converts at 49,1%?


We redesigned Comodo’s landing page that already converted visitors to leads at 49,1%. The result: 17,5% uplift in visitors to leads conversion rate.


Comodo is a leading security software company and issuer of SSL certificates with a 44% market share on 13.9% of all web domains. The goal was to optimize conversion from a visitor to lead.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): visitor to leads conversion rate;
Funnel component: landing page;
Traffic sources: social, display, direct, organic and paid search;
Device targeting: desktop;
Traffic allocation: A / B (50% / 50%);


We started with interviewing the client about:

  1. User’s needs and problems;
  2. Value proposition;
  3. User’s objections and how the client overcame them;

Then our goal was to understand key user’s objections and questions and what factors define purchase decision. The questions in the online survey were:

  • Please list the top three things that persuaded you to schedule your free forensic analysis.
  • What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you from requesting your free analysis?
  • Which other options did you consider before Comodo?


We decided to test radical redesign of page that will fix all found problems.

Hypothesis was to make long-form landing page with copy that explains the value simpler and use fair as key decision trigger with “Pain – More pain – Hope – Solution – Call to action’ model

Control page:


Alternative page:




The alternative page converted 17.5% more leads with a 90% confidence level. Exactly 4,256 visitors took part in the experiment over 29 days

Actionable takeaways:

  • Constantly learn how product value is presented and perceived by users;
  • What are major objections to purchase and unanswered questions;
  • Short-form landing page UX is not enough to explain the value of complex products
  • Find what trigger the purchase decision of your audience

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