81% growth as a result of "Aha moment" optimization for Saas


81% growth in user signup rate for a SaaS company as a result of implementing a new user flow that demonstrates value at an earlier stage in the conversion funnel.



Localizer.co is a SaaS company that allows clients to translate a site into any language by deploying a snippet to the site’s source code. The service is especially useful for companies that plan to expand into new markets and need versions of their site in the local languages.

Our task was to increase the user signup rate to the SaaS and as a result generate more paying customers.



By looking at the user flow, we found that the homepage was the most popular point of entry to the signup flow, i.e. the homepage was where most users started their signup process. Then we established that the signup flow was very inefficient: a very small proportion of users who started the signup flow, i.e. clicked on the “Try now” call-to-action (CTA) on the homepage, completed it. This meant that the vast majority of users who started the conversion flow didn’t finish it.

Consider this analogy: 100 people enter your restaurant, and 90 of them leave after opening your menu. Ouch! We decided to fix this funnel deficiency.

The design of the control signup flow (from homepage to registration):



We found that the most significant traffic leak in the signup flow was generated on the signup form, which is activated after the user clicks on the “Try now” CTA on the homepage.

We examined the form analytics and found that the majority of users were not even interacting with the form. User tests and user polls showed us that users don’t understand what they will get as a result of signing up, i.e. the value of signing up wasn’t clear.

We also discovered that users found the signup form excessively demanding: the form asked for too many details at such an early stage of the conversion funnel.



In order to address all the issues identified in the analysis and optimize the signup flow, we had to overcome the following user frictions:

  1. Users were not aware of the value of signing up to Localizer;
  2. There was a high cognitive load on the signup form.

To communicate the value of signing up to Localizer, we decided to optimize the point of entry to the signup flow – the homepage – and the signup UX.

On our alternative homepage, we asked users to input the URL of the website and the language the site should be translated to. After users clicks on the “See your translation” CTA on the homepage, they are led to a signup form. The trick here is that we show the signup form on the background of the already-translated website. This signup UX was crucial in visually demonstrating the value of signing up to Localizer.

The design of the alternative homepage and signup flow:



Validating the hypothesis

Given that Localizer didn’t have sufficient volume of traffic and conversions to run an A/B test, we implemented the new signup flow on 100% of traffic and measured the results on a “two weeks before and two weeks after” basis.

We took precautions to minimize the effect of any external factors such as changes in traffic composition and seasonality.


The alternative signup flow has shown 81% growth in the conversion rate from users who visited the homepage to users who signed up to the SaaS.

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